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Notable Nuptials at Hamptons Wedding Venues

March 14, 2014

When seeking a wedding venue steeped in tradition, knowing brides gravitate toward Hamptons wedding venues. Breathtaking backdrops captivate guests while providing the optimal platform for a romantic exchanging of vows. Hamptons wedding venues are the premier destinations for upscale, unforgettable nuptials. Before securing a venue, couples must detail exactly what they are seeking in a venue.

Determining the number of guests invited to the ceremony and reception is the first step in planning. Once this number is determined, a budget must be created. With these figures in place, a couple is equipped to select a venue. Many couples opt for Hampton wedding venues able to host the reception as well.

Not all wedding locales are created equal. Packages offered vary greatly. Not all venues offer all-inclusive packages. Catering is the biggest consideration in this area. Select venues offer in-house catering while others require food and beverages to be handled by an outside source. Hamptons wedding venues not providing in-house catering often provide a list of recommended vendors. Despite being recommended, the vendor may not have ample experience with that particular venue. Their history of providing service at the perspective venue should be verified during the food tasting.

Some venues providing food and drink do not allow outside items to be brought in. They may charge a corkage fee for a signature wine or champagne the couple wishes to bring in for the reception.

Thoughtful couples ensure their venue of choice will be accommodating to their guests. Hamptons wedding venues being considered should have ample parking or shuttle service and nearby lodging so guests are not traveling a great distance.

When couples tour Hampton wedding venues, they are most likely working with sales staff. Before contracting the venue for the wedding day, couples should meet with the staff responsible for overseeing wedding details.

Knowing how many employees the venue dedicates to the wedding and reception is indicative of the level of service afforded to the couple. Another important detail is verifying how many weddings the venue hosts on any one day. Multiple weddings do happen at larger venues and the logistics of two or more weddings taking place should be detailed to perspective clients.

Couples with discerning tastes delight in the atmosphere Hamptons wedding venues have to offer in the form of picturesque pallets to celebrate the joining of two lives.


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